If you are receiving a message that indicates your Username, Password or Security Code are incorrect, follow these steps:

1. First, verify your login information by contacting your title company, or using one of the links below.
If you do not remember your login, you may reset it using the "forgot password" link on the site below.
2. Next, on your mobile device open the app
3. Open the Settings screen of the app
4. Clear the username and password fields
5. Re-enter your login information using the same information from step 1 above, being careful to include special characters, capital letters, etc. (Also make sure there are no extra spaces. A common issue is spaces incorrectly entered at the end of login information).


Other Common Issues

I need an account (username, password, or security code)
I am receiving a message my login is invalid (Error Code 16, 17 or 18).
I am receiving a message that my security code has expired (error code 12).
I have a question about Walking Farm
Other Issues


Are you looking for a Security Code, Username or Password?

Our company only handles technical issues on the application and does not supply user accounts.
You need to contact the Title Company that sponsors your application.


I am trying to Login and receiving error message that includes numbers "16" "17" or "18".

  1. First, Log-in to the data service with the username and password you are trying to use on the application.
    Common Services:
    Title Profile
  2. You may be asked to accept any agreements, or complete a profile when you log-in to the site above - these are necessary steps in order to use your Data Account on the Mobile App.
  3. Once you have verified your login, you may use the same username and password from step 1 on the mobile application.

I receiving a message that my security code has expired (error code 12).

Please contact the Title Company that sponsors your application to obtain a new security code.
We handle technical issues related to the application and are not able to provide user access information.


Contact Red Shed Technology Technical Support

Please note, if you are contacting us for a username, password or security code, our company does not supply user accounts for this application.
If you are having trouble logging in, please follow these steps before completing the form below.

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